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Address:North Industrial Zone, Xing Fu
town, Boxing County, Shandong

Main product: Corrugated Roofing Sheet、 Color Coating、 Galvanized Steel Coil、 Reticulated plate、 ......
Qing Fuyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd in Boxing county, Shandong province, is located in Xingfu Town, the largest zinc steel coil production base in the country. It is bounded on the north by the famous petroleum city,Dong Ying; on the South by a heavy industrial city,Zi Bo;on the east by an attractive city, Qing Dao; on the west by a capital city, Ji Nan. Its highways,railways,waterways,and airlines extend in all directions and the traffic conditions and geographical location are superior and convenient. The company holds registered capital of 26.88 million yuan, and there are more than  200 employees, among them, there are 30 professional management personnel with intermediate and senior technical titles. The knowledge structure is reasonable and the human resources......                                                                  More